Loblaw is committed to animal welfare on World Animal Day and every other day of the year


October 4, 2016 - As one of the largest retailers of meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products in Canada, Loblaw is focused on ensuring the products in our stores are safe, high quality, and produced in a humane way.  Treating animals with care and respect is an important part of our CSR commitment and we have taken a number of steps, as outlined below.  We recognize that there is more to do and continue to collaborate with industry partners and experts to set targets and action plans.

In 2014 we engaged Dr. David Fraser as our scientific advisor on animal welfare. Dr. Fraser helps guide our efforts in areas where we can have the biggest impact as a retailer.

We have established a multi-year research grant to assess best practices for handling vulnerable dairy cows – those removed from the herd due to age and illness.

We joined the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council. The Council has two mandates: (1) to establish a harmonized and integrated approach to help manage animal health and welfare programs in Canada, and (2) to provide scientific, strategic and policy advice to various levels of government, regulatory agencies, industry associations, and other stakeholders.